One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Week 2

Let’s Talk Paint

Choosing a paint color has actually been one of my weaknesses. I can’t tell you how many times I have painted a room only to find out that I don’t love the color. I mean, I just painted my kitchen… TWICE within a few weeks and I still am not happy with it. Let me tell you what I have learned from my mistakes.

Let’s start off by talking about whether or not you should paint your ceiling white or a color. I am currently painting my master bedroom, as one of the many to do’s for this room for the one room challenge. I started with the decision to paint my ceiling white. Here is what I learned about how to decide if you should paint your ceiling white or not.

To Paint your Ceiling or Not

Painting your ceiling white has been first choice for decades because it is a safe option. Typically, you will want to choose a flat sheen for your paint, as this will help hide imperfections. Here are some simple rules to follow regarding painting your ceiling white:

  • If your ceiling is textured (like mine is) or has many imperfections. A white flat paint will help make your room look seamless and hide all of those imperfections.
  • If your room has low lighting or minimal natural light. White paint helps reflect light and will make it seem brighter.
  • If you are going for a simplistic main living space.
  • If you have a lot of contrasting or bright colors in the room. Painting the ceiling white will help tone down the color and you will avoid clashing with the other colors in the room.

I decided to paint my Master Bedroom with a flat white ceiling and the walls will end up being Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. One of my walls will be accented by a faux cement look (Step by step instructions will be coming soon!). Can you tell that I love my neutrals? I personally love that minimalistic style and will throw in small pops of color with my decor.

Back to paint

If you do decide to paint your ceiling and walls the same color (this look works best if your ceiling is flat), it is typically best to paint your ceiling two shades lighter than your walls. If you do have a flat ceiling though, painting your walls and ceiling the same color will give you that seamless look and helps the eye focus more on the furnishings.

Choosing the right white

First off, you should know that there are three types of whites to think about here: cool whites, warm whites, and pure whites. Before picking between the three types of whites, I want you to take a good look at your room. What does the palette look like? Do you have cooler hues in the room, such as blues or greens? For rooms with these types of colors, you are probably going to want to stick with a cool white, as this will complement the colors in your room.

Warm Whites

Furthermore, does your room have browns, yellows, reds, or wood tones within the furnishings? If yes, then choose a warm white for that natural flow.

Pure Whites

Finally the pure whites. Pure whites work well in those modern, rustic, or traditional spaces. Pure whites typically don’t have much undertone to them, so you can go right ahead and choose those bright and bold furnishings without the worry of it clashing with your paint choices.

Pictured above: Left middle is a “Pure white”. The rest of the whites I selected are “warm whites”. This is where my mistakes in the past came in. Before I knew that there were pure, warm, and cool whites and how to select between the three, I would always lean towards cool whites. But…. All of my furnishings are warm tones 🙃. So its no wonder why I was never happy with my paint selection!

Why I like neutrals

I also like staying neutral because, well, we move a lot! No, we’re not military. I moved a lot when I was a child and never really felt settled and I think that has carried over into my adulthood. I’m a little nomadic at heart and have never really been tied to any one place. Because of this, I’ve learned that neutral homes sell faster than bright and bold colors.

Plans for the rest of this week and next week:
  • Finish Painting the Ceiling
  • Start painting the walls
  • Start on Faux Cement accent wall
  • Finish building the faux beams
The Plan

Below is an updated plan/mood board for the One Room Challenge. Changes include the beams, sconces, nightstands, and light fixture. I priced out how much it would be for two pre-made faux beams… $1600!!! Um, no thanks! So I decided to attempt to tackle this on my own with using: 1 x 10 x 8’s and 1 x 6 x 8’s, I’ve already ran into issues, like the angles on the ceiling and making a spline to join these together.

Thanks for reading friends! Please be sure to follow the link to check out what all of the other guest participants and featured designers are up to for week two of this One Room Challenge!

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