One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Week 1


May 5, 2021

I am so so excited to be starting week one of this one room challenge (ORC)! I decided to enter to be a guest participant because:

  1. Doing challenges gives me a deadline and helps me stay on task and motivated
  2. Doing this challenge alongside others is so incredibly inspiring and gives me that sense of community!

I have been planning on renovating our master bedroom for awhile now but it was always lowest on my priority list. Not to mention, the water damage incident that we had back in October didn’t help the budget and set us back quite a bit. I am so ready to get this started… I may or may not be working on the laundry room still, but hey, can I even call myself a DIYer if I don’t have multiple projects going on at once? I will be doing this project by myself with my own two hands! My husband is very supportive and is ALWAYS willing to help, but I truly enjoy doing these projects alone. It is my hobby and my time to clear my head.

Better Homes & Gardens: One Room Challenge

So a little information on the ORC: the ORC starts today, May 5, 2021, there are 20 featured designers along with guest participants that will have eight weeks to complete their room to reveal on June 24-27. So exciting, right?!? My room doesn’t look that bad in this picture, but I have a pretty big overhaul planned for this room. After doing the laundry room though, this shouldn’t be that bad! Let me show you my moodboard for this room so that you have a visual:

The Plan

My plan for this room: replace the broken fan light with either a basket light or a cement light fixture… haven’t quite decided yet; painting walls and ceiling, I will be keeping my current bed but building on to it to turn it into a poster bed, adding faux beams, adding a cement accent wall, building a bench for the end of the bed, replacing the flooring, and adding new trim! Phew… Can we get this done in eight weeks?? Fingers crossed my friends. Let’s take a look at some before photos.

This photo was taken before we moved in. Pros: HUGE room to work with, we have 288 sq ft in this room! Cons: the flooring looks great in this picture but is in less than ideal condition. The color looks brighter than it is, it is that beautiful builder’s beige, so bring in the paint!

This wall will be getting the cement accent wall. I was very torn between the cement wall and a board and baton wall, and to be honest, I’m still second guessing myself. The surf board will be coming down and will be moved over the exterior door (Not shown).

As you can see here, I’ve already started painting and hung the TV here. I found that adorable console table on Overstock!
Sorry folks, that elliptical isn’t going anywhere. I wouldn’t use it if it weren’t inside…

So, are you as ready as I am to just dive right in and get this started? Will this inspire YOU to tackle a project that’s been collecting dust on your to do list? I sure hope so! Be sure to check out all of the featured designers and the other guest participants:

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Please use proper safety precautions and do appropriate research when attempting projects. You are responsible for your own safety.

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