One Room Challenge Fall 2021

Garage Edition

It’s been a while since I last posted. As you all know, we moved at the end of August and getting everything up and running has been a chore to say the least. Life has been hectic with the kids and playing chauffeur but I’m back and rearing to go.

It’s true, I’m back for more fun with the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge. This time around, we are tackling our garage. I chose this space because we still have all of our garage contents in a storage pod and I’ve been wanting to epoxy the floors for a long time now. What better time to do it than now while everything is already cleared out, right?

I am so excited to have a clean and organized space to work in. The plan is to have a multifunctional space, which includes a work area for me and a home gym for the hubs. Our garage is 700 sq ft, so we have MORE than enough space to work with here. I put together a mood board for it so that you can grasp my vision. It’s a garage mood board, it won’t be too exciting but I’m going for dark cabinets, gray flooring, and a black slat wall.

DIYs going into this space:

  • Cabinets
  • Slat wall
  • Workbench, courtesy of @bens_diy for the plans
  • Epoxy floors
  • Overhead storage

Week one is devoted to clearing out the garage and prepping the floors for the epoxy. I’m finding out first hand, just how labor intensive the floor prep can be. It took me hours just to do the Rustoleum clean & degrease step. Let me explain the process to you below.

Step one:

Apply Rustoleum cleaner/degreaser to concrete floor and let set for 20 minutes. Mist with hose to keep it wet. Scrub with a stiff bristled brush to remove any grease or dust and hose off thoroughly.

Step two:

Concrete Etch. Mix the concrete etch with water in a plastic 2-gallon watering can. Pre-wet the surface using a hose. Remove pooled water with a squeegee or broom to avoid leaving puddles. Spread the etching solution over a 10’x 10’ section of the floor. Allow to stand for 1-2 minutes. Scrub the etch into the surface vigorously with a stiff bristle brush to loosen dust and dirt. While working, keep the entire section wet until it has been completely cleaned and rinsed.

What is concrete etch? It is a citric-acid-based formula that is easy and safe to use, both indoors and outdoors. It works by opening up tiny pores within the concrete to allow for maximum penetration and adhesion.

  • Best solution for water-borne coatings
  • Environmentally friendly, citric-based formula
  • Prevents dangerous acids or fumes; will not harm grass or plants

I think getting the concrete etch done will conclude week one of the one room challenge. I will update you all during week two and fill you in on the rest of the epoxy floor journey!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out here!

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