DIY Laundry Room Reno

Isn’t she lovely? I’m talking about that laundry room! Just take a moment to appreciate everything here. Here is a list of what I did in this room:

  • Tiled the floor
  • Tiled the Backsplash
  • Removed the Fluorescent light and added a pendant basket light (Which I hand made!) and recessed lighting
  • Painted the cabinets Escape Grey by Sherwin Williams and added pulls
  • Built up the cabinets to the ceiling
  • Removed the old sink and countertop and added new Laminate countertop (You can get GORGEOUS laminate these days and you seriously can’t beat the price!)
  • Added a little sparkle with my champagne bronze faucet
  • Built a wall around the furnace and added closet doors for ventilation and easy access (Plus, no more eye sore!)
  • Built a built-in shelf with the left over countertop to the left over the trash compactor (I mean, why not? I can’t let that countertop go to waste, and its soooo nice having the extra space)
  • Replaced our water heater with a tankless water heater (okay, this I called a professional for because it required extra power and I wasn’t going to fumble along on something this serious) Side note on the tankless water heater, super nice but sooo many hidden costs with it, like hiring an electrician to run a new line to the breaker box $$$)
  • Currently: building a cabinet to go over the hot water heater so there will be absolutely no eye sore in this room
  • Built a shelf to go over the washer and dryer
  • Built a little tray to go over my sink with some scrap wood!
  • Removed the base cabinet next to the washer and moved it over to where the hot water heater was so I could have an empty space to store a roll out laundry hamper
  • Finally, added new trim

Now…. Let’s go back to the beginning and take a look at what we started with, shall we?

Yikes!!! This room would make anyone run for the hills and NEVER want to do laundry. I used to cringe every time I’d have company over or I would walk into this room. Can you blame me? The fluorescent lighting, vinyl yellow flooring, vomit laminate countertops, the stained utility sink, and walking in to see the furnace and hot water heater (hidden to the right). I know this is better than some laundry rooms as is, believe me, I’ve had worse. Like, a laundry room in a Michigan basement… now THAT is scary! But, I knew that if I just put in a little elbow grease, this room could be breathtaking!

You ask, “Who cares, it’s just a laundry room?” Well, I spend HOURS in this room every day, so mama needs a little glam! This room has been exceptionally challenging for me. I learned how to do things that I have NEVER done before… I hope knowing that I have never attempted most of this before, motivates you all to try doing this yourself! Because, if I can do this, literally ANYONE can! I won’t lie, this was a very labor intensive project and made my brain hurt thinking about the math that went into building the wall with a closet door and building up the cabinets. But, the satisfaction that I have now, knowing that I FREAKING DID ALL OF THIS, was WAAAAYYYYY worth it. I now have a sense of pride and confidence in myself that I did not have before. Plus, every time I walk by the room, I am seriously smiling from ear to ear.

This wall and those cabinets were built by yours truly!
You can most certainly tile over your vinyl flooring. I am laying mortar down to install my hardie backer cement board. Don’t forget your Backer-On screws!
Building a cabinet to hide the tankless water heater. There will be NO eye sore in this room! The only tricky part will be building the cabinet doors… I have never done this and will keep you updated.
To remove your laminate countertop, look for the screws inside the base cabinet. Mine was only held on by the screws so I was able to just lift it up and out. You will need to score around the sink or wherever you see silicone with a utility knife to break the seal first.

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Please use proper safety precautions and do appropriate research when attempting projects. You are responsible for your own safety.

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