One Room Challenge|Reveal

Garage Edition

It. Is. REVEAL DAY!!!! WE MADE IT!!! I cannot believe it has been eight weeks of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge. Life got in the way and I wasn’t able to do everything on my list. But boy oh boy, I REALLY love this space. You know how nice it is to FINALLY have a clean and organized workspace AND a bonus gym?!?

You all saw my previous garage, it was straight out of a hoarders episode (hides in shame). Because of the mess and lack of organization, I always found it daunting to start a new project. I mean, would you want to go out in this to work? Pictured below.

Please…. don’t judge 🤦🏻‍♀️

Josh and I NEVER wanted to be out here to work out or to work… at all. Yes, I made this mess. I can be a slob when I’m deep into a project. But, I’ve also never had a designated work space that had any designated area for tools. So far, I’ve managed to clean up as I go with projects. I’m hoping to instill this new habit of putting things away when I’m done with them into my daily practice, so THIS never happens again.

Let’s take a closer look into the details of this garage, shall we?

We are not sponsored by any of the brands photographed. Honest opinion, best investment EVER!

PRX Profile Flat Folding Bench

This was on the pricier side but it was worth the investment for me. My overall plan was to build a pretty large rolling workbench for this space. When in use, I would need to fold up the weight rack to have the space I need. That’s where the PRX Performance Rack comes in handy. Pictured is the PRX Profile flat folding bench. Hind site, I wish we would’ve bought the Inclining Folding Bench… Maybe someday. Price for the bench: $359

Pictured is a rowing class on the Apple Fitness app…. which requires an apple watch to watch the full video…. of which I do not own (Crying)

Sunny Rowing Machine

This was literally the cheapest rower I could find on Amazon. I’m not an avid rower but LOVE this as a workout. So having a cheaper rower was not a big deal to me. You could spend thousands on a “good” rower, but this works just fine and gives me a great workout. This is the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine for $249. We already owned the TV, apple TV, Bowflex adjustable dumbbells ($399), Olympic Barbell, and weights.

Google Nest

One item hiding in this picture that has made this garage feel more high end, is the google nest! It is a wifi extender! This is a detached garage and about 100 ft away from the house. The wifi just wasn’t strong enough, until we bought these little guys. Again, pricey, ($461.26 for 3 pack) but worth the investment. Purchasing these little upgrades significantly limited my budget for the remaining plans for the garage (like purchasing the lumbar and hardware for the work bench). But I would rather have the ability to have strong wifi to do workout classes out here than have my workbench right now. I do have other options to get me by for now, so it will wait.

Octane Lateral Elliptical

This elliptical was something I fell in love with years ago at a local gym. We bought this last year used and refurbished from some online gym equipment distributor. I don’t have that exact link for you but I found another refurbished one on another site here. More than what we paid but this was as close as I could get for you. You could buy new directly from Octane… But be prepared to go broke over it.

PRX Performance Profile Pro Squat Rack with Multi-Grip Bar


Let’s talk about RYOBI tools. Are they the highest quality on the market today? In my opinion, no. Do they give you great quality and biggest bang for your buck? ABSOLUTELY they do! This is how I got started. They are beaten up and dirty from years of high use.

I was still broke AF and there was a Black Friday deal for all of these RYOBI tools pictured above for less than $200. This was nearly a decade ago and RYOBI has since made some incredible improvements and upgrades to their tool line up that I am excited to try out. From a former broke single mom, this is the way to go if you are just starting out and have a tight budget.


In conclusion, this was my second time participating as a guest for the One Room Challenge. I will continue to participate because it isn’t just about making pretty spaces. It’s about finding a community that supports and encourages you to take on the impossible. Thank you One Room Challenge for continuing to give us opportunities like this to find like minded friends and give us inspiration to keep going.

Be sure to head over to the One Room Challenge to see all of the featured designers and guest participants final reveals! As always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Reveal

Here it is, the master bedroom reveal! Better late than never, right? So this wasn’t the grand reveal I was hoping for, but I still love the new look. As you can see, I’ve been absent since Week 4 of the ORC and here is why…. You ready for it??


In the middle of all the renovation chaos, we were like “I kind of think we should go look at this historic home”, and by we I mean my mother-in-law and me! (We are trouble when we are together) Next thing you know, we listed our house for sale and had a full price cash offer on the sixth day on the market. Can you believe that?!?! During the listing period I also took on renovating our master bathroom and half bathroom as well… Do you see now why I haven’t been posting on the blog? 😅😂

The flooring did not come in time, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. We were originally just going to replace the flooring one room at a time. If I had started that, I would’ve had to come up with $$$$ to finish it and then install it myself! The timing would not have worked out, so thank you shipping delays!! The beams didn’t show up till reveal day so I’m just going to take them to our new house and find a place for them there.

Why We Are Moving

We decided to move for several reasons. The first being that this property is just not suitable for our horses. I have nowhere to work them and they have no pasture. When we bought this house last year, I didn’t realize that the pasture was not safe for them (Rookie). Second, we don’t have the money to hire a crew to maintain a proper fire break around the house, so Josh has been doing this all by hand.

The land is too steep in most areas for our tractor to get to. I tried helping him this spring but I am severely allergic to poison oak and had a huge break out that required four weeks of steroids. As Ella gets older, she has become so attached to her “Nini” (grandma), and we want to be closer to her.

I will miss our incredible views on top of our little Madrone Mountain but I am VERY excited for our next adventure. Flipping this house in one year provided us with this opportunity to move into a gorgeous little farmhouse less than a mile from our beloved Nini and Pops.

Let my DIYs be a lesson to you all. Sometimes, when you put in a little (or a LOT) of elbow grease, it pays off in the end and opens bigger and better doors for you. You just have to jump in and do it!

Be sure to follow along on instagram for behind the scenes and daily life in stories. Links provided in image captions! The rug is linked on my Links and Discounts page, head over there to get yourself 10% off, and yes, it is WASHABLE!

Check out the before and after shots below

Here’s a link to our bed frame:
Link to Nightstand:
Link to the sconce:
Link to Loveseat:

Have Questions? Reach out by using the contact form.

One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Week 4

So far, this week has not been nearly as productive with this room as last week was. But, progress is progress, right?!? I did manage to finish painting the bed and got all of the joint compound and paint off of the floor. Who out there do I send straight into a panic attack with my messy painting habits? 😅 Honestly, if I didn’t have my steam mop to fix all of my mistakes, I would be more careful. I have never been one to take my time and prep the area before starting 😬. Call it lazy if you want but when I get motivated, I just jump right in and go for it.

Besides painting the bed and cleaning up a horrendous mess 👇🏽

I did manage to take down the headache of a chandelier and returned it. I am ordering a new (different) chandelier for this room. I did learn that there is some logic to picking out a light fixture with consideration to size. What you want to do is add together the length and width of your room in feet and the sum is your total diameter in inches (This room is 16 ft x 18 ft) so, 16 + 18 = 34. My chandelier’s maximum diameter for this room should be 34 inches… This chandelier pictured above was 47 inches! It just made the room look off balance and I was NOT liking it.

My plans for this weekend include cleaning the garage so that I can finally finishing building up the bed into a poster bed and build a bench to go in front of the bed. I am using the plans by Nicole @hillhousediaries has in her highlights. It is adorable and I think will really tie this look together.

Nicole’s bench @hillhousediaries
My poster bed build plans

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One Room Challenge | Master Bedroom Week 3

Okay, so I’m a week late at posting the Week 3 update. Sometimes, life gets crazy. I’m sure some of you can relate to that. This week was a doozy to say the least and we ran in to some complications with that chandelier. To start off, the chandelier arrived to Home Depot damaged, I looked through the box to see if it was salvageable and it all looked okay, so I decided to take it home and give it a go. The instructions were super vague so I was on my own with this one. The first problem came about with the wiring, every wire nut they sent with the fixture was made cheap and didn’t bite onto the wires appropriately. The second problem was the parallel wiring, which I had to phone a friend on because I had never heard this term before. But, it was simple, all of the black wires connect to the black wires, and all of the white wires connect to the white wires. The next step was to connect it to the power source….. This is where we struggled. The screws that came with the fixture to connect to the bracket were too short, so the nuts didn’t even come into contact with the screws. I think we made three different trips to Lowes as we were working on this to find better quality supplies. After three days of both my husband and I working on this light fixture, we finally got it up and working, except not all of the lights worked. Remember all of those loose fitting wire nuts? This is where they shined. Even after replacing the wire nuts that connected to each and every candle light, there were still five lights that did not work (Pictured below). This is where I finally came to terms with the fact that this fixture was junk and I should exchange it for something else. After all of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this fixture, I just took it down and returned it. It ended up being too big for the room as well. In the end, I wanted to be in love with every detail in this room, and I just wasn’t loving it. We will try again with something else that hopefully we will LOVE!

Okay, so aside from the chandelier fiasco, Josh helped me finish and fine tune that GORGEOUS faux cement accent wall that you see there! It was not as difficult as you would think, time consuming, but not difficult.

Faux Cement Wall

You want to get three buckets to work from, joint compound, cement dye (Pictured Below) and a drywall taping knife. It mixes best with a mortar mixer attachment for your drill.

Divide the joint compound between the three buckets. You are going to want to have a light, medium, and dark color to blend. I reserved more joint compound for the darker color. It all depends on what look you are going for, I wanted a darker wall, so I used more dark than light. Important tip to remember, it will dry far lighter than you expect! Mix the joint compound with water and SLOWLY add small amounts of color until you get the desired color you are looking for. Mix each bucket for about five minutes. Now you are ready to tackle that wall! Start with your darkest color first and then blend in your medium and light coats before allowing it all to dry. This is where I made a mistake, I allowed my first coat to dry and then tried blending the other two colors… this did not work (Pictured below) It came out WAY lighter than I wanted, so I had to start over! The second time around, my husband Josh came in to help as he could see that I was VERY frustrated. Minimal light and medium were used to blend in with the dark coat to get a more natural look. You will want to keep your rough ridges, it adds to the effect.

First time fail to the right, starting over with a darker look to the left.

Patience comes in handy with this project because you really have to wait 24 hours to allow this wall to completely dry before you know what you have. But after two days and two tries later, we ended up with something we truly love now. Just look at the detail below!! The picture is unfortunately not doing this wall justice.

Other projects completed this week:

  • Replaced all of the brown electrical outlets and switches with white
  • Replaced all doorknobs and hinges
  • Started painting the bed using matte venetian bronze and building the arms for the poster build up
  • Installed the sconces
  • Put together the new nightstands
  • Finished painting the walls
  • Finished repairing the wall with the TV mount with joint compound and knockdown

I think that’s plenty for one week, don’t you?!? Please be sure to check out all of the other incredible men and women participating in the One Room Challenge!