About Me

Hey there, I’m Heather!

And that handsome fella up there is my husband!

Wife, Mom, DIYer, Nurse Practitioner


Just a little about me, I LOVE all things DIY, from small crafts to building big. Creating has been my outlet. I am a mom to three incredible (but sometimes wild and crazy) kids. I have two teenagers and a toddler, and…. boy, do they keep us busy! I am a wifey to, seriously, the sweetest and most supportive man alive! He is a Physician by trade, loves ALL things outdoors, but… HATES DIY 😂. Despite hating DIY, he is truly my biggest supporter. When I’m not DIYing and mothering, I work on occasion as a Nurse Practitioner.

I am the daughter of an immigrant. My father was born in Bombay and moved all over Asia and Europe before making his final destination to the U.S.A where he met my mother. Although we are in touch now, he was not in the picture from the time I was 10 years old until I was 25, So I never had that father figure to really learn essential skills from, like how to maintain your home. Obviously this didn’t stop me though, it only motivated me to reach out and try to teach others like me.

I have been DIYing since 2005 and just recently rekindled that love this past year after the pandemic hit. I was fortunate enough to be able to cut down my shifts at work to be home with our kids for distance learning. I was feeling very lost after awhile. I have always had to work or have been working and going to school as a single mom, so all this new time at home was a very new to me. So, I started doing little projects around the house as an outlet. The more I did, the better it made me feel!

I started sharing my DIY process on Instagram after having one of those “AHA!” moments. It happened when I was going around replacing all of the electrical outlets and light switches in our house to save money, because hiring an electrician would have cost thousands to do every outlet and light-switch in our home😳. I got to a three-way light switch and had to ask my husband’s Uncle Tom for guidance and then I realized, not everyone has an Uncle Tom to talk them through these tough situations. After talking with my husband Josh, he encouraged me to start sharing and doing tutorials for people that may want to upgrade things around their homes but can’t afford to hire out. My first video I did, I was literally SHAKING uncontrollably! But I had such great feedback and people DMing me with questions and telling me how I motivated them to start doing things around the house as well…. HOLY COW!! There was NO greater feeling than knowing that I had just helped someone.

I started this blog to keep those good vibes going. My goal here is to encourage and motivate you all to pick up that tool and get your hands dirty. I promise you, there is no greater feeling than making something yourself and seeing the finished product that YOUR OWN hands have made😆. Don’t be afraid to fail, I promise you, you WILL fail, but you WILL push forward and figure it out. I fail several times during every project, but I always figure it out and I just know that you will too.


Please use proper safety precautions and do appropriate research when attempting projects. You are responsible for your own safety.